Dog Grooming

Would you like your dog cleaned, refreshed, rejuvenated and groomed to perfection right outside your doorstep ? 

Think of it like a premium quality salon for your dog. It isn’t just about a quick wash and rinse. It’s about using salon quality cleaning products, professional grooming equipment and the precision skill of an expert dog groomer. It’s this premium level of care which will leave your dog looking, smelling and feeling completely clean, clear, fresh and radiant with a glowing doggy complexion.

Best of all, we’ll bring this mobile dog grooming service direct to you in our specialist vehicle.

Why travel to a dog groomer ? Our specialist mobile grooming van is fitted with a state of the art K9 warm water hydrobath, a warm air blast dryer, products, utensils and literally everything else we need to give your dog a 5-star grooming session. If you live in North Wiltshire or Bath and North East Somerset we will drive to your home at the appointed time so your dog can be groomed inside our van just outside your own doorstep.

With no waiting times, no travelling, no holding crates and no barking from other pets, your dog can quickly settle in with minimal stress and then toddle back in to your home as soon as the grooming is complete. It’s a true no fuss, high quality one to one grooming service, ideal for nervous dogs, or those who dislike other dogs.

Putting as much care and passion into your dogs grooming as possible.

We love dogs, and we love grooming them. There’s nothing quite like seeing a dog looking happy, proud and confident with a beautifully conditioned coat, trimmed hair and clipped nails. Just like us, a good bit of pampering makes each dog look and feel great.

Helping your dog feel relaxed and at ease during their groom.

It’s this love, experience and passion which helps your dog feel as comfortable and as cared for as possible in a relaxed environment. Even the shyest and most nervous of dogs have settled down and enjoyed a good grooming at Groomability.

Areas covered.

Groomability cover North Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset.

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Groomability Dog Grooming Gift Vouchers are available for you to give to friends, family, or whoever you like. Valid for 1 year they can be purchased for any value you require or can be tailored to provide a ‘Full Groom’ or ‘Pamper Session’ for a specific breed, or even for a named dog to give as a present.