Price List

Prices for a full groom start from :


Afghan£70.00GSD Short Haired£45.00
Airedale£48.00Irish Setter £40.00
American Cocker Spaniel£40.00Labradoodle£55.00
Bearded Collie£45.00Labrador Retriever£33.00
Bernese Mountain Dog£69.00Miniature Poodle£35.00
Border Collie£39.00Miniature Schnauzer£35.00
Border Terrier£40.00Newfoundland£69.00
Cairn Terrier£35.00Old English Sheepdog£55.00
Cavalier King Charles£37.00Pug£35.00
Chiuahua£33.00Rough Collie£45.00
Chow Chow£70.00Samoyed£50.00
Cocker Spaniel£41.00Springer Spaniel£41.00
Cross Breeds£32.00St Bernard£70.00
Dachshund £25.00 (miniature)
£32.00 (standard)
Dalmation£35.00Standard Poodle£45.00
Fox Terrier£39.00Standard Schnauzer£39.00
Giant Schnauzer£48.00Toy Poodle£35.00
Golden Retriever£42.00West Highland White£36.00
Golden Setter£40.00Westie£36.00
GSD Long Haired£48.00Yorkshire Terrier£35.00


Flea shampoo if required will be an additional £2.00

If you do not see your breed of dog listed above then please contact us on 07549 527 244

Shampoo and blast :

Small £12.00 – Medium £15.00 – Large £18.00

Paws :

Nails – £6.00 – Feet trim £6.00 (Price for both £10.00)

Puppy groom :

Includes wash, blow dry, cut, style, nails clipped, ears and nose cleaned – £20.00 – regardless of breed of dog and then a 10% discount off of the price of their first adult groom.

Liability insured.